Cooking Made Simple with Blue Apron

Blue Apron is you simple one stop solution for healthy meals that are easy to prepare. Original Recipes • Complete meals with 500-700 calories per serving • 35 minutes to prepare on average • Pre-portioned ingredients to save time and reduce waste • Easy to follow beautifully printed recipe cards Fresh Ingredients • Premium seasonal […]Read More

Pain Relief Without Drugs

I take this MDrive Joint EVERYDAY!!! One capsule per day is all you need for safe, natural and effective pain and inflammation relief. You know its miserable living with joint pain. Everything you do becomes more difficult. EVERYTHING! The good news is now you have a powerful new weapon. Containing a safe, natural, effective ingredient […]Read More

The Perfect Meal – Clean Burning Nutrition and Superfood Recovery

I have received a ton of messages all asking the same question: “What should I eat after I workout…What do you eat Jay?” I figured the best answer was just to show you exactly what I have after every training session. Ingredients: sfh Pure Whey: 1 scoop Chia Seeds: 1 Tablespoon Flaxseeds: 1 Tablespoon Maca: […]Read More

Two Simple Tips That Will Jump Start Your Sluggish Metabolism

Following these 2 simple tips will help you jump start your sluggish metabolism. You will burn more calories, have more energy and stop crashing in the middle of the day. Here is the link to protein recommended in the video and my personal VIP Discount Code: NIXON – http://www.sfh.com/products/whey_prot…Read More

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