Thrive Tribe

The Thrive Tribe is built around the three principles that find necessary to achieve success in any situation in life.

As a member of the Tribe you will receive guidance in all three areas:

Support: nutrition and fitness support including delicious and easy to make recipes. Fat blasting workout programs guaranteed to help you get fit fast, my personal supplement recommendations, and discounts codes, plus tons more.

Accountability: this Tribe is for people who want to become the best version of themselves. You will receive weekly accountability check-ins from me, and you will be held accountable to growing towards your goals.

Mindset: I believe that success in anything you do in life is 80% mindset and 20% skill. I practice positive mindset training on a daily basis. I will be sharing my tips and tools for getting and maintaining the high-level mindset required for ultimate success.

What Makes The Thrive Tribe Unique

Some key differences between this membership and all others:

• The Jay Way – An incredibly effective user-tested technique for changing habits.

• The Mindful Diet – I believe in being mindful of everything we do. We don’t just go through the motions. There is a reason and purpose being all of our actions.

• Powerful Experts – I believe in surrounding yourself with people who make you better. I call this your “Circle of Success.” I will share my circle and their knowledge with you.

• Live Chats – Get encouragement from other members making fitness changes to their lives.

• Your Tribe Your Time – The information provided to the Tribe is always available. This allows you to work at your pace and consume information when you’re ready.

The Key Benefits of Being A Tribe Member

• Create nutrition and fitness rituals that last.

• Achieve your healthy lifestyle goals: a strong body, enhanced energy and drive and amazing overall health.

• Support and guide you to achieving your personal wellness goals.

• Workouts designed to help you burn fat and build muscle while not spending hours in the gym.

• The nutritional guidance that will help you finally lose the last 15 pounds and get the lean and healthy body you desire.

• Access to like-minded Tribe members that will help you stay accountable to yourself and your goals.

• Mindset Motivation – What we think about matters.

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