A food that is more addictive than cocaine. WHAT!

This short 4-minute video might be the answer to ALL your weight loss dreams. Even if you don’t need to lose any weight, it might just save your life. “Studies show sugar is as addictive as alcohol and cocaine.” Got you attention? I hope so – PLEASE take the time to watch. The Sugary Truth […]Read More

The cookie that changed the WORLD, or at least changed the way you thought about health cookies

What am I doing when I’m not swinging kettlebells or programming workouts? Baking of course. 😃 That’s right, I bake. Go ahead and get a chuckle or two out of the way before you read about the BEST tasting protein cookie ever created. My goal in the kitchen is to make food that tastes amazing […]Read More

The Power of a Single Word

Good Morning From Napa!!! I woke up this morning think about all of you guys and how EXCITED I am to get back to start our 6 Week Transformation Challenge!! I know we are going to have some MAJOR breakthroughs this time, and there is going to be a TON of weight lost. As we […]Read More

Two Simple Tips That Will Jump Start Your Sluggish Metabolism

Following these 2 simple tips will help you jump start your sluggish metabolism. You will burn more calories, have more energy and stop crashing in the middle of the dayRead More

Is Doing Cardio Making You Fat?

Question: Just heard this from a doctor on a talk show. “Long endurance training is metabolically damaging.” Thoughts on this statement? Answer: Here are my thoughts on the statement “long endurance training can be metabolically damaging”. Here’s why: Your metabolism (your metabolic rate) is the most important factor when it comes to fat loss (burning body fat). […]Read More

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