5 STARS – WOW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I am blown away by the Amazon Reviews The Overweight Mind has received. I wish there were a way I could thank each one of you in person with a genuine conversation and hug. Grateful and Thankful don’t even begin to express my gratitude towards you. After reading each of these reviews my heart in […]Read More

Procrastination is the #1 KILLER of Dreams

Procrastination is the #1 KILLER of dreams. What are you waiting for? You know how life is right now and unless you TAKE ACTION, it’s going to stay the same or most likely get WORSE. Your Opportunity is now! Join me on a six-week journey to become the best version of YOU. In the process, […]Read More

When Passion and Purpose Collide

I recently had the amazing opportunity to be on my friend Tommy Baker’s Resist Average Academy Podcast recently. Web: https://resistaverageacademy.com/65/ iTunes: http://bit.ly/resistaverage65 Stitcher: Resist Average Jay Nixon Here are a few things you will hear Tommy and I chatting about during this episode. → Why living your purpose changes everything → The power of waking […]Read More

And the Award Goes To…

And the Award Goes To… YOU You recently won the Desert Health and Wellness Award in the business category. Notice I said You, and I truly mean it. Without you Thrive Fitness Studio and everything we created to help people would not be possible. I wish there were a way to give you this trophy […]Read More

It’s ALL About YOU

The ONE thing standing between you and everything you desire……..wait for it……..is: YOU I know right, that kinda sucks! Because then who are you supposed to blame? ***See above for the answer*** But, this isn’t all bad news. It’s actually GREAT news. Yes, YOU are the problem, but YOU are also the solution. Ok Jay, […]Read More

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