Because it’s Pumpkin, That’s Why

I think it’s safe to say that we all think one thing when we think Fall. PUMPKIN 🎃 So, because it’s all pumpkin all the time I’ve created this super healthy and easy to make pumpkin pod with chia seeds. This is the perfect breakfast, snack or anytime pumpkin fix for you and your kids. […]Read More

My Secret Weapon for Stopping Pain and Inflammation Naturally

My Secret Weapon for Stopping Pain and Inflammation Naturally I take this product EVERYDAY!!! One capsule per day is all you need for safe, natural and effective pain and inflammation relief. You know its miserable living with joint pain. Everything you do becomes more difficult. EVERYTHING! The good news is now you have a powerful […]Read More

The Perfect Post Exercise Meal

The Perfect Post Exercise Meal I have received a ton of messages all asking the same question: “What should I eat after I workout…What do you eat Jay?” I figured the best answer was just to show you exactly what I have after every training session. Ingredients: *sfh Pure Whey: 1 scoop *Chia Seeds: 1 […]Read More

Two Simple Tips That Will Jump Start Your Sluggish Metabolism

Following these 2 simple tips will help you jump start your sluggish metabolism. You will burn more calories, have more energy and stop crashing in the middle of the dayRead More

Is Doing Cardio Making You Fat?

Question: Just heard this from a doctor on a talk show. “Long endurance training is metabolically damaging.” Thoughts on this statement? Answer: Here are my thoughts on the statement “long endurance training can be metabolically damaging”. Here’s why: Your metabolism (your metabolic rate) is the most important factor when it comes to fat loss (burning body fat). […]Read More

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